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During this workshop, we will split up the stages of building a new program into the following- Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. Stage 1 will focus on applying for initial accreditation, gathering faculty and sites, the first recruitment season, building/creating a curriculum, program planning and the first full cycle of GME including match, onboarding, orientation, CCC/PEC, wellness and more. Stage 2 will focus on more program planning, including building a new clinic, building electives, adding faculty, faculty development, continued accreditation site visit, building a senior curriculum and chief resident selection. Stage 3 will discuss board prep and board passing rates, graduation, preparing residents for job searches, having a chief resident, recruiting own residents, expanding the residency/adding fellowships or a rural track, the transition for faculty and residents in a growing program. We plan to provide program administrators with the knowledge they need to build a new program and discuss some key factors that specifically affect a new and upcoming psychiatry residency program.



1. Obtain knowledge on how to build a new program from the ground up

2. Obtain a clear understanding of the 3 different stages of building a new program

3. Provide with easy tips on how prepare residents and faculty for the transitioning periods of new and growing programs

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American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training Program Administrator Symposium