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atopic dermatitis, Janus Kinase inhibitors


Dermatology | Medicine and Health Sciences


Background: There is increasing discussion online concerning the management of atopic dermatitis (AD). Patients often document their subjective experience of a given treatment. It remains to be determined if the experiences vary based on treatment or align with efficacy.

Objective: To determine which treatments are associated with positive or negative experiences.

Methods: The largest online AD platform was searched for posts that only discussed a singular treatment. The discovered 28,159 posts were rated “positive” or “negative” by DistilBERT, a pre-trained sentiment analysis model that derives from BookCorpus, a collection of 11,038 books containing 74 million sentences. Positive sentiment proportions (PSP), calculated as the ratio of positive posts to total posts were tabulated.

Results: The most positively rated treatments were upadacitinib (.365 CI:[.255, .475]), topical ruxolitinib (.324 CI:[.236, .412]), and phototherapy (.281 CI:[.257, .306]) (Figure 1). Conversely, the least positively rated treatments were Class V Steroids (.116 CI:[.051, .180]), Class VI Steroids (.128 CI:[.079, .178]), and Class VII Steroids (.158 CI:[.145, .171]).

Limitations: Generalizability is limited given the existence of other forums and the demographics of forum users.

Conclusion: JAK inhibitors were the most positively reviewed treatments, likely influenced by novelty and perceptions of better safety and efficacy, whereas steroids comprised the least positively rated treatments, potentially due to concern for long-term side effects.

Forum Discussion Indicates Favorable Views of JAK Inhibitors for Atopic Dermatitis

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