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By Dr. Ashish Sinha, MD, PhD, DABA, MBA, FASA

As a Program Director of a just established anesthesia program, one faces enough challenges. A curve ball that I was not expecting was one of my residents to inform me on July 3rd that he was feeling feverish with chills, had myalgia and a headache. First response in my mind, that I didn’t verbalize was, ”Anosmia too?” I arranged COVID testing ASAP in a drive-by setting, which we could avail immediately. My resident had driven from New Orleans, LA to Riverside, CA, making a few stops along the way, (food, gas, rest) utilizing the best safety he could practice.

To no one’s surprise the test came back positive. My resident needed to not feel abandoned by program, co-residents or institution. To keep him involved, while quarantined, I asked him to join us in all academic activities by Zoom and further gave him this introspective assignment. He took on this task with enthusiasm and provided a great piece, or at least I think so!