coronavirus infections; COVID-19; severe acute respiratory syndrome; SARS; SARS-CoV; SARS-CoV-2; MERS; emerging communicable diseases; infectious disease medicine; pandemics; therapeutics/drug therapy


Virus Diseases


The current coronavirus pandemic is unparalleled in recent memory and fundamentally unique. It has been more than a century since humanity fought the Spanish flu pandemic. That widespread disease devastated a World War I-ravaged population when there was a relative paucity of medical knowledge. Coronavirus, on the other hand, is now befalling upon a developed world with advanced infrastructure and health systems; wherein access to medical information and technology is abundant. Yet, it has proven to be a destroyer of economies and populations without geographical partiality.

This article is meant to be a broad analysis of the virus, which is causing global disruption from both a historical and clinical perspective. We are receiving new facts and figures daily. Thus, this review is up-to-date as much as it can be and meant to serve as a general knowledge base for all involved in the fight.