brain concussion; microhemorrhages; ImPACT; motocross; off-road motor vehicles; craniocerebral trauma; brain injuries, complications; athletic injuries, complications; intracranial hemorrhages, diagnosis; magnetic resonance imaging


Neurology | Sports Medicine | Sports Sciences


Introduction: Motocross is a sport in which riders race 250–450 cc four-stroke dirt bikes and are potentially subjected to a high frequency of head injuries starting at a very young age. The objective of this case series is to present the findings following gradient echo T2-weighted MRI (SWI) upon clinical evaluation after a concussion in 4 young professional motocross racers.

Clinical Findings: Microhemorrhages were found in 2 of 4 riders. Areas of microhemorrhages were not aligned with a previously positive CT finding from a prior concussion in 1 rider.

Conclusions: Microhemorrhages were found in 2 young motocross riders following a gradient echo T2-weighted MRI upon a clinical evaluation after a concussion. Long-term consequences of these findings are not yet known, and longitudinal studies are needed to provide further understanding to improve concussion management in motocross athletes.

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