Lower Antelope Canyon; Arizona; Slot Canyons; photography; art; humanities; medicine in the arts


Medical Humanities | Photography


These images feature the Lower Antelope Canyon which was originally called Hasdestwazi, a Navajo word that means “spiral rock arches.” After hundreds of years, monsoons, winds, and flash floods eroded the slot canyon into the geological wonder that it is today. It enchants tourists and engulfs visitors as it flows around them in every direction. Just east of Page, Arizona, the massive sandstone formation is sacred to the Navajo Nation for its representation of Mother Nature’s many gifts and the passage to time; it is also a reminder that things are larger and greater than ones’ self. While these photos were taken in April 2018, I hope that the beauty of the canyon can also serve as a reminder for medical providers during the current pandemic that our mission is greater than ourselves and that life is another one of Mother Nature’s gifts. Although our time to make a difference is limited, our impact is great and will live on for generations to come.