schizophrenia; mental disorders; mental illness; psychiatric illness; psychiatric disorders; deinstitutionalization; transinstitutionalization; homelessness; homeless persons; prisons; incarceration; community networks; community treatment


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This paper aims to explore current disposition options for patients with psychosis in light of shifts toward community care and changes in mental healthcare funding in the post-asylum era and to propose systemic-level improvements based upon local successes. It evaluates critiques of long-term psychiatric care programs, claims of transinstitutionalization to incarceration, shelters, and emergency rooms, and programs initiated to address deinstitutionalization. The authors conclude that while Assertive Community Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Programs, intermediate-level care, and housing interventions can improve outcomes for many persons with psychotic illness, a significant portion of these patients would still be best served in long-term psychiatric care facilities.


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