medicine in the arts; humanities; fine art; modern medicine; traditional Chinese medicine; crystal therapy; seizures; delivery of health care; western medicine; alternative medicine; complementary medicine; commodification


Fine Arts | Photography


In this work, Locked Within, I examine my relationship with Western and alternative medicines, exploring how both areas can provide holistic treatment when used together. Seen here through the medium of photography, my illness relates to common experiences in Western medical care. Through images that consider themes of time, choice, faith, the effects of illness, the medical gaze, and health as a commodity, this series provides commentary on medical experiences and the influence of the American healthcare system.

With a nod toward scientific documentation, this photographic study documents my journey toward health. The element of typology in my work forms a narrative account of a journey through different medicines to find the ideal state of healthiness. By considering each medicine, I gain a new understanding of myself.