pediatric, emergency medicine; foreign bodies; ingestion; penetrating; adolescents; pediatrics


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Pediatric foreign bodies (FBs) come in many shapes and sizes, and the method by which they enter the body can greatly impact the level of acuity at presentation. Most FBs in children are found in those younger than 5 years old, but the following 3 cases were found in adolescent patients.

Case Presentation

We report on 3 adolescent patients who presented to a single community-based emergency department with the chief complaint of abdominal pain and were found to have complications of abdominal FBs. If undiagnosed, the initial indolent courses of FBs can lead to serious complications, as shown in these examples.


These cases emphasize the need for physicians to maintain a high level of suspicion, to perform detailed histories, and to consider advanced imaging despite reassuring vital signs or physical examination.