resident wellness; internship and residency; medical residency; humanities; digital art; medicine in the arts; quiet


Digital Humanities


According to theatrical superstition, saying “Macbeth” in the theater when you aren’t actively performing or rehearsing foreshadows impending doom. In a similar way, in the hospital, its own production of sorts where medical staff is under pressure to perform, it’s the "Q" word. We all dread the "Q" word and are vexed with anyone who dares say it. Yet sometimes wandering the hospital during night float, I often feel a profound sense of "Quiet." The word is typically associated with a lack of it, but I find there is a certain peace with being alone with one’s thoughts. Residency can be an isolating endeavor, and this particular type of quiet reflection doesn’t come around often in a busy hospital. When it does, I think about the other people in this shared space that we work in who may also be feeling the same way, which is bizarrely comforting. However, I probably wouldn’t say so out loud, especially under a full moon.