primary mucinous carcinoma; thyroid; thyroid neoplasms; immunohistochemistry; mucinous neoplasms; adenocarcinoma; mucinous; case reports


Oncology | Pathology



Primary mucinous carcinoma of the thyroid is an exceedingly rare malignancy that is histologically similar to mucinous carcinoma of other sites. Accurate diagnosis is a challenging yet crucial component of clinical management for both patients and our understanding of this rare disease.

Case Presentation

We report the case of a 69-year-old male patient with primary mucinous carcinoma of the thyroid. Microscopic examination of a biopsy specimen showed fibrous tissue, which was extensively and irregularly infiltrated by a cytologically malignant epithelial neoplasm showing glandular differentiation with mucin production. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated that tumor cells were positive for TTF1, thyroglobulin, CK7, and PAX8. Co-expression of TTF1 and PAX8 is most commonly seen in thyroid tumors. These findings support our diagnosis of mucinous carcinoma of thyroid origin, which is rare and highly aggressive.


In this report, we present the only documented case of primary mucinous carcinoma of the thyroid reported in the United States in the last decade. The diagnosis of primary mucinous carcinoma of the thyroid can be challenging. Therefore, we discuss and detail the clinicopathologic tumor profile and provide more current, detailed histological criteria to assist in the diagnosis of this rare disease.