COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; ischemic colitis; adult; middle aged; intestinal diseases; vascular diseases


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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was a pandemic that began in 2019 and continues to have morbid and deadly consequences throughout the world. During the beginning of the pandemic, many considered older adults and immunocompromised younger adults to be the only populations at risk for the severe consequences of COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, this was proven wrong with several case reports and studies showing that relatively younger adults can also suffer serious consequences from this perplexing virus.

Case Presentation

We report a rare case of ischemic colitis in a 42-year-old obese man who presented to the emergency department with quintessential COVID-19 symptoms. During his hospital course, he developed not only respiratory failure but also ischemic colitis, although he had no past medical history of any coagulopathy and was never on any pressors.


As more case reports are being published, it has become evident that COVID-19 has the ability to cause serious extrapulmonary consequences due to an imposed state of hypercoagulability, and younger adults are at risk of facing these consequences, especially if they are obese. Thus, it is imperative that younger adults seek out the COVID-19 vaccine when available to them not only to protect those most vulnerable around them but also to protect themselves from these complications.