mpox (monkeypox); monkeypox virus; mpox virus; proctitis; lymphadenopathy; case reports


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Mpox, formerly known as monkeypox, is a zoonotic virus in the genus Orthopoxvirus, which has a variable incubation period and an extensive array of symptoms. While those infected with Mpox have displayed generalized viral prodromal symptoms, atypical symptoms such as proctitis have also been seen. Proctitis associated with Mpox is a relatively infrequent initial presenting symptom with a reported incidence of 14-32.9% that has seen an uptick in prevalence since the 2022 global endemic.

Case Presentation

We present a confirmed case of Mpox in a 27-year-old male who presented with 3 days of intermittent anorectal bleeding and various forms of cutaneous lesions at different stages of healing. He had engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse 8 days prior to the onset of his symptoms in New York, which at the time was the epicenter of the endemic. Computed tomography imaging showed thickening of the rectum with associated lymphadenopathy, consistent with findings of acute proctitis.


The intent of this case report is to acknowledge the prevalence of the Mpox virus. Since the endemic, increased cases of Mpox have led to more complications that have been identified and studied by public health experts. The complication of proctitis due to Mpox in a certain subset of patients is important to fully understand that while this virus presents with a generalized prodrome like other viruses, these unique gastrointestinal presentations and findings may be the first step in identifying this infection and ensuring rapid treatment if future endemics arrive.